Dale Kimsey

Since 1979 Dale Kimsey's goal has been to help business owners with operating and financial systems, getting new businesses started and established, solidifying relationships with suppliers and vendors, and guidance on government regulations. After receiving his B. S. in Public Administration from Brigham Young University, he attended Pepperdine University School of Law, receiving his Juris Doctorate. Over the next twenty years he consulted with 100+ individual companies, helping the owners with finance, operations, taxes and all phases of start up, development, acquisitions and the ultimate strategy, the exit goal. He has helped other companies merge and reorganize as needed. In addition he helped companies cut through government red tape to stay in business. He has served on the Board of Directors of several profit and non-profit corporations.

Mr. Kimsey applied his experience and expertise in helping, Goldenwest Frames Inc. to expand to eight corporations. With 40 million in sales and 350 employees in 6 years they implemented the consolidation and merger of the companies into a conglomerate that allowed the founders to realize their exit goal at the peak of the market in that industry.

Bowen Industries had product and business available but lacked a cohesive business plan. They restructured, then developed and implemented a debt restructuring and payment plan. Within one year the debt was under control; within two years the company was profitable.

As a financial consultant in Phoenix Medical Inc. he developed a business and finance plan with the intention to establish a joint venture.

At Ortho Development Corporation he served as COO and CFO structuring and repaying $10 million in debt in less than four years, with no new debt, developed a five year business plan, and saw growth of 7 million in annual sales. In a related company, Mr. Kimsey was able to restructure debt, while increasing sales from $50K to $770K annually. He established a business plan, negotiated R&D contracts, and organized management methods for improvement of productivity, service, quality, increased product offerings, and cost reduction.

Professional associations:

  • California State College, Lifetime Teaching Credential
  • American Arbitration Association, Western Mediation and Arbitration
  • Admitted to Practice: California Supreme Court, U.S. Supreme Court
  • Special Counsel to Trustee Federal District Court, Los Angeles
  • Lecturer, "Business Practice", "Arbitration Contract Clause","Sexual Harassment in the Workplace"

For more information, please contact Dale Kimsey at 801-944-3444. We look forward to meeting you